What is Simple Contactless Cremation?
It is a Direct Cremation that simply does not involve a funeral service for the deceased. You may of course choose to hold a memorial service at a later date.

Who are our Funeral Directors?
Funeral Point uses only fully licensed and accredited funeral homes and funeral directors in your local area.They are a team of highly experienced professional who take pride in offering exceptional levels of service.  

How do I order or collect the death certificate?
As part of the process the funeral director will arrange to have the Death Certificate prepared for you to collect from their office. 

When do I Pay?
Once we confirm that our service is available in your area you pay online to engage with an established and accedited Funeral Home.

What happens to the ashes?
The ashes are bought back to the funeral home and the funeral director will contact you to arrange for their collection by a family member.   If the ashes are being collected, all that is needed is your identification and signature.   As standard the ashes are in a rectangular urn with a nameplate of the deceased.  

Can I decide later to have a full funeral service?
Yes you can and it is completely up to you.  By using Funeral Point you are in control of the process and the funeral director will not suggest any other level of service unless you make a specific request.

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